Wild Things

Get wild with us at Wild Things
 - Launch Party 6pm, Saturday, 25th May -

The Otter, Chris Packham, Ltd Edition A1 diamond dust screen print

Featuring nine artists, this latest exhibition is a celebration of all things wild and we want you to come and join the fun....

Many of you will know I am a BBC wildlife film maker by background and so, to be honest, I am not sure why its taken me so long to put together a show all about my favourite thing - the natural world. But finally - it's happening!

The show has been prompted by the very talented Mr Chris Packham who showed me some stonkingly fun paper cuts he had done. He insisted the paper cuts themselves were too messy and full of glue to sell (he's a total perfectionist) - but he had made some fabulous diamond dust prints of them....It was a no brainer to get them into the gallery and we're pleased to be releasing them exclusively through Taylor-Jones & Son. But how from here could we build a show?
Yellow Eels, Julia Manning, wood and linocut, 84 x 60cm
Initially I went back to my roots of art collecting, to the first wildlife artist work I bought - Julia Manning. Julia tells wonderful stories using wood and lino cut block work. Her most recent collection explores the life history of the eel - one of our most enigmatic river creatures. I am delighted she said yes to showing them with us for Wild Things.

At the same time I want to include the newest artist I've discovered working with nature - Avery Walsh. He makes artwork out of fungal spores grown in a home made laboratory. The man is obsessed and fascianted by the patterns and colours they produce and makes them into artworks. A reminder that even the tiniest and sometimes over looked natural history has its own beauty.

And, as if all the stars were aligning for a natural history based show,  my lovely wife (and co - gallery director Sonja Taylor-Jones) who was previously a jewellery designer, has been working with clay for the past two years and is now ready to show her bird inspired works. A show was definitely coming together.....
Flight II, Clay with coloured slips and 24 carat gold leaf, Sonja Taylor-Jones
Wild Things now features nine artists in total and a wide variety of media from ceramics to painting, graphic design to linocut print.  We have award wining wildlife artists and those who have never shown work with us before, some brand new pieces and some favourites from our current collection. It's going to be a really fun, diverse and exciting show.

So come along and see how art is inspired by the natural world and join us for the opening night of Wild Things on Sat 25th May at 6pm. 

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