The Queen's Buoy

On the night of The Queen's passing I decided to take a photograph of The Buoy.  

The image to take was obvious: a simple, bright-burning, pin-prick of guiding light in amongst the darkness. It seemed appropriate to mark the end of her extraordinary long and steady reign with something that has been a constant to me - The Buoy.

I really had no intention of selling it, but after posting the image on my social media feed I've had many enquires about buying it and I have had to come up with something appropriate.  I know The Buoy is a very special project for many people and so if there is the appetite to own this particularly unique image, then why not create it as something many of you can own.  

So, I am producing 70 small prints of The Queen's Buoy to mark the 70 years of her reign, for £70. This is only time I will have printed a Buoy as a limited edition work.

The print will be 40 x 30cm including a 5cm white border and will be editioned, dated and signed by me. It will be called The Queen's Buoy and not have a number like all the other Buoys.

The price will be £70 unframed or £135 framed in black wood box frame. We will only post out unframed prints, framed works must be collected from the gallery. Production time will be about 3 weeks. 

They will sell on a first come first serve basis and will only be available at this price until Monday 19th September, the day of The Queen's funeral.

To purchase please click on the link below:

Thank you everyone who continues to invest in and support The Buoy project and particularly those who showed interest in this specific image. I feel it's a good way to mark this moment in history and I wouldn't have produced the print without your encouragement.

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