Helicopter Trip

Experience of a Lifetime...
Join Richard Taylor-Jones
Photographing The Goodwin Sands From Above

In October the gallery will be hosting our most ambitious show to date all about the infamous Goodwin Sands in partnership with The Goodwin Sands Conservation Trust. 

The Goodwins are are the biggest shipwreck site in the world and we will tell you a lot more about that show very soon.

For now though, we are offering the chance for one lucky person to have an incredible experience and join Richard Taylor-Jones as he flies out over the English Channel to photograph the Goodwins from the air, by helicopter. 

The doors will be off the helicopter and you will be harnessed in to enjoy the ride. You can bring your own camera and Richard can offer you tips and hints for aerial photography or you can simply come along for this very exclusive ride and watch Richard at work creating pieces for the show. Most helicopter charters can't fly over open water but with our specialist commercial hire we have secured 30 mins flying time over the Goodwins. 

There is ONLY ONE space available at a cost of £4000.

You will join the flight and later receive a framed print from Richard, from the trip, worth up to a value of £3000. 

We will select a name at random for those who apply. We will keep applications open until this Wednesday at 6pm and you will be notified that evening.

You will have to be available to fly from Deal at 7:00am on this Saturday 10th September. 

Good luck!

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