Head in The Clouds

I was always told I had my head in the clouds when I was a kid. Staring out the window in school, wishing I was outdoors not stuck inside. So, I guess, it's no surprise that clouds have become part of what I do as a photographer.

The MyCloud series of single edition prints has now gone over the 50 number so to mark the occasion I have created a MyCloud Grid release. 

There will be 49 single edition grids. Each one will see the clouds moved around and so be a unique artwork, just as every cloud is unique. There are 3 sizes on offer, click on the link below to see details. 

The MyCould Grids are bright, colourful and cheery and considering the current gloomy outlook it seemed a good time to release them and lift the spirits. I will of course keep selling the single edition MyClouds too. 

Having your head in the clouds right now, isn't such a bad place to be. 


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