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Original mixed media
Loren Beven

Screen print, gold leaf and acrylic on aluminium

Image 75 x 50cm // Framed 85 x 60cm


PROVIDENT | 12 April 1785
Provident was a single deck sloop. She sailed under master George, from Middleburg in the Netherlands when she ran ashore on the Goodwin Sands but was got off with the assistance of the Deal Boats.



The slightly spooky history of the Goodwin Sands has always fascinated me. The sheer number of ships wrecked in this maritime graveyard is astounding.

My work for this exhibition, Wrecked, is a collection of imagined ghost portraits of captains of ships sunk on the sands reimagined as pub signs, a nod to the number of pubs Deal town supported in the past. I found the names of the ships and the date they sank using Lloyds List and gilded them in large letters at the top and bottom of each piece. Using artistic licence, I reworked naval portraits of the time each ship sank, into Warholesque prints – transparent, frayed and ghost-like. I then painted seascapes on aluminium and screen printed each portrait on top the paintings. The works reference both our fascination with the past and the ship as a symbol of economic development and the nation state.

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