New Releases - May

Tracey Emin - My Favourite Little Bird

Our latest Tracey Emin offering is another in her neon sign series. This is a rare piece as it's never been taken out of its original tube packaging and is a great opportunity for a collector.  "My Favourite Little Bird" merges of two Emin's signatures: neon and birds. This vibrant bird was crafted in neon using lines to mirror Emin own hand-drawn sketches. This lithograph captures the neon-blue bird on a branch sculpture she created in 2010 for the façade of London’s Foundling Museum. To her, the bird is a metaphor for rising above one's troubles, representing flight and freedom.

'My Favourite Little Bird' by Tracey Emin, limited edition offset lithograph poster print, 70 x 50cm 



London Calling - Ben Fenton

Ben Fenton's latest series continues to focus on Brutalist architecture. He has turned his attention to London and captured the raw elegance and beauty of the Barbican and South Bank Centres. 


I Miss You No. 01 (Barbican Centre, London)' by Ben Fenton, Oil on canvas, 75 x 50cm


Christine Hodson - White Cliffs Walk

It's been a while since we've had a new Christine Hodson cliffs painting in the gallery. It's not only one of her most detailed and accomplished work yet, this one is a striking size and captures the grandeur of the landscape along this stretch of coast.

'White Cliffs Walk' by Christine Hodson, oil and paper on card, 75 x 100cm


Richard Taylor-Jones 'MyCloud' Series

We have a number of new single edition MyCloud photographs by Richard Taylor-Jones. No.52 is particularly Wordsworthesque: a little fluffy cloud wandering across a clear blue sky. Other clouds range from ones tinged with pink from a setting sun to back-lit, silver-rimmed clouds as well as big cumulus formations. 

'MyCloud No.52' by Richard Taylor-Jones, single edition photograph, 50 x 50cm

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