In Paradisim

In Paradisim

Launches 2pm Saturday 28th May 2022
A new exhibition of paintings by Susannah Preston - with sculpture by Adam Binder and Jason Mulligan
'Stag In The Flowers', Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90cm.

New Exhibition Launch

We're delighted to bring you a taste of paradise with our latest exhibition featuring a brand new collection of paintings by Susannah Preston. 

In Paradisim is based on the views from a ruined Abbey that was razed to the ground during the dissolution of the monasteries and refers to the words "In Paradisim" that the artist noticed whilst exploring the remains.

The Abbey sits in Demesne, her imagined estate which nestles in the bucolic chalk downlands of Kent. The estate was the subject of her hugely successful show with us in 2021 and it's wonderful to have Susannah and the estate back in the gallery again for spring. 

'Returning by the Old Way', Acrylic on canvas,70 x 70cm. 

 'Hare Weather', Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 70cm.
In Paradisim

In Paradisim celebrates carved church figures juxtaposed with hewn chalk animals in a pastoral Kentish landscape. The paintings create a place to escape and suspend disbelief, to reconnect with the landscape and feel how history, once carved by hand is eventually carved again by nature.

The paintings reveal that within the landscape there are only lines, the unexpected undulation under the turf is but a faint reminiscence of the abbey. Dissolution distributed its choicer features to the current house. The Home Farm Byre has unexpected ecclesiastical details and one often comes across a wall with long forgotten latin scratches.

Chalk figures haunt this landscape, they can be viewed from every aspect and you understand the why of their creation. But the worn medieval carvings are settled in secret sites, liberated long ago from their bench ends and plaques"

Susannah Preston 2022
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'Little Owl', Adam Binder, Copper 18 x18 x 8cm.

'Mannan Verde', Jason Mulligan, Bronze & limestone, 40 x 26 x 12cm.

Exciting New Sculptors

For the exhibition, Susannah Preston is joined by sculptors Adam Binder and Jason Mulligan.  

Working mainly in Bronze, Adam Binder is one of Britain's leading wildlife sculptors. His signature fluid style of simple lines and flowing form captures the very essence of his subjects.

Jason Mulligan works in the heart of Kent countryside creating sculpture from stone and bronze. His small works recall some past primeval state while his larger pieces encourage the viewer to examine their surroundings with new eyes. 

The works of both artists, with their links to the natural world are the perfect fit to Preston's In Paradisim.

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