Chris Packham - Antarctica Series

A Christmas Superstar.....

We're delighted to welcome Chris Packham to Taylor-Jones & Son this Christmas.

Known worldwide for his lead role in natural history filming and conservation, Packham is also an award winning photographer, having taken top spots in many categories in Wildlife Photographer of The Year, as well as more recently judging the competition. 

He has long had a passion for the art world, collecting enthusiastically, and occasionally releasing works with the likes of Jealous Gallery in London. Now with Taylor-Jones & Son he is launching into a more sustained body of fine art work with his new Antarctica Series of black and white infrared photographs.

Packham says of Antarctica  "I've been lucky to visit several times and I've always been entranced by the ice, the way the light plays on it and the snow, is intrinsically fascinating. The way it changes the form and texture of the landscape is so alluring and so last time I journeyed there I created a set of black and white images to celebrate this ice world's utter magnificence"

Chris signing the single edition Antarctica 1 print
Antarctica 1

His first release is Antarctica 1 and we putting it out as two version.

First up is a SINGLE EDITION superized print signed by Chris. It's a one off. Only you will own it. It's the signed "mothership" to the second smaller version.

The second version is being released as an A2 print that comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Packham. It's an edition of 100 at just £195.

As subscribers to our mailing list you are the first people to be offered these works. Next week Packham will be advertising the Taylor-Jones & Son release to his half a million social media followers. So if you want one, we suggest you act quickly!

It's always exciting to be working with a new artist especially when they're bringing you visual treats from the other side of the planet, the likes of which most of us will never get to see.

The A2 Antartica with its signed certificate of authenticity

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