Launching 6pm, Good Friday 29 March

'Balwest', oil on canvas 120 x 120cm, Framed £4,200
From coast to countryside, mountain to lake, our British landscape has inspired a wealth of writers, artists, musicians and poets. As a nation, our landscape defines us both locally and nationally. Our sense of identity is intrinsically entwined within it.

Finding a painter who can translate that sense of identity, that feeling of connection and emboidement is not easy, but in Ameilia Humber we have one. Her gestural shapes, wash-like skies and shores, her luminous use of space and light bring to life the feelings of awe and wonder that we experience when lost in the landscapes of our incredible islands.

Bringing an exhibition of Humber’s work to the Kent coast seems very fitting. As a gallery we are well aware just how much it means to our collectors to see works that represent the natural world around them - images of this nation we are so lucky to call home. Humber’s paintings speak loudly of that passion and fit perfectly with what we as a gallery represent.
'Larkfield', oil on paper, 31 x 40cm, framed, £800
We would love you to join us for the launch of this brand new exhibition on Good Friday 29th March at 6pm - 7:30pm. We anticipate it will be another busy one so do lets us know as numbers will be limited. There is an e-catalogue available to get an early look at the works and we are happy for you to reserve any that pieces that catch your eye. Looking forwent to seeing you all. 

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