The Blue Super Moon

Once in a blue moon offer...

Last night a Blue Super Moon rose above the English Channel. 

The cloudy skies looked like they would thwart my attempts to photograph it. But for a  few brief moments the moon appeared between a gap in the clouds, glowing bright and enormous.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, an event that occurs very  irregularly. A Super Moon is when a full moon is closest to the earth on its orbit and so appears at its largest and brightest of any full moon. 

To get both together is incredibly rare. The next time we will witness a Blue Moon and a Super Moon at the same time is 2037. So I am super excited to have captured it last night, when the odds were against me, as part of my ongoing pursuit of photographing a full moon in every month of the year. 

To mark the occasion I am making a very rare offer. 

Blue Super Moon is launching as a limited edition of 12, A2 sized prints, available for just £295 unframed for 24hrs only.

After 24hrs it will revert to the £600 my Moons normally sell at at this size, if there are any left. 

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