Ships in The Night

We're back and kicking off 2023 with a brand new show.

Featuring  3 new bodies of work from Richard Taylor-Jones, Ben Fenton and Loren Beven the show is based around the theme of ships and features photography, original oil paintings and graphic print and design. The show launches Saturday 4th Feb at 6pm at the gallery. 


'Ship No.9' (2023), Archival ink print on paper, Single edition

Taylor-Jones' "Ships in The Night" series features long exposure photographs of vessels passing through the Straights of Dover in English Channel, the busiest shipping route in the world. The works highlight the importance of ships to our everyday lives. What have you used today that arrived here by ship? Your car, your shoes, the screen you're reading this on right now? They probably all came here by ship. These single edition photographs are a striking reminder of how little we know of the ships and the effect they have on our lives. 

I'd Sail Into the Light of Day No.1 (Dungeness High Light Tower Lighthouse) 2023
Oil on canvas, 


Ben Fenton grew up on Dungeness and each night as he went to sleep the slow sweeping beam of the light houses would shine through his bedroom window at his grandma's house, the now famous Prospect Cottage. This collection of 5 lighthouse paintings featuring the old high tower lighthouse are a love letter to this memory and to all the lighthouses around our UK coast that keep our shipping safe.
The Old Man and The Sea, 42cm x 59cm, Limited edition archival ink print on paper
Ghost Books

Loren Beven has re-imagined some of the most famous book titles where humans and sea-going vessels have combined to tell a story. From Moby Dick to The Shipping News, she's taken these stories that you might well be used to snuggling up with as night draws in and created echo like images. A reminder of how  these works crackle through into our subconscious, haunting our thoughts of the coast and sea. They've all been re-created as Penguin book covers, even if they originally weren't, simply because that tends to be our go to image of what classic books should be and the art world loves this imagery. 
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The show launches Saturday 4th Feb at 6pm. It would be lovely to shake off the January blues and catch up with you over a glass of wine and there is a rumour our dark and stormy cocktails might return after their success at the last private view. If you want an early look at the work and a chance to secure your favourite, use the request catalogue buttons. 

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Thanks so much

Sonja, Loren and Richard
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