Damien Hirst: Where Land Meets Sea

Kingsdown Beach, 120cm x 90cm Giclee on Aluminium 

Damien Hirst Inspired by Our Local Landscape

We always say we are proud to support local artists inspired by our beautiful British landscape, as well as bringing in national and international works to the gallery. This time the two worlds have collided with Damien Hirst's "Where The Land Meets The Sea" series. 

The series was driven by Hirst’s lifelong connection to the sea. Drawing influence from Abstract Expressionism, namely Robert Motherwell’s Beside the Sea series from the 1960s, the works in Where the Land Meets the Sea wonderfully evoke Hirst’s pastime of walking on the beach and watching the sea, most recently in the UK during the winter. 

Damien Hirst says, “Where the Land Meets the Sea is an exploration inspired by the seaside in grey British winters; I grew up in Leeds in West Yorkshire and often holidayed in Scarborough, Filey, Whitby, where Count Dracula landed, Robin Hood’s Bay, and Skegness. I have always spent a lot of time walking and thinking on the beach and watching the sea, witnessing the powerful action of the crashing waves in winter. It gives me a feeling of unimportance and vastness and inevitability, that this whole world and everything in it will eventually wear out to nothing.”

Hirst at work on the original paintings
The works we have secured are part of the limited edition print set that was created with the launch of the original paintings. We went for the two that related best to our part of the world - Kingsdown Beach and Pegwell Bay. Hirst is known to release  prints in a method known as a "drop". This means they are available for a short period of time and the edition number is defined by the how many people buy them in that time. 

Often these editions run above a 1000 but with this series the numbers are very low, under 500 making them rarer than a lot of his recent releases.

The prints are already on sale at galleries in London and New York. This is a one-off opportunity of art lovers in our local area to secure an artwork of their local area, by one of the world's most highly collected blue chip artists. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions. 
Pegwell Bay, 90cn x 90cm, Giclee on Aluminium 

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