Christine Hodson 15 minute Quiz

Give us a 60 second biog:

My Background is in Antiques design and Home interiors ..I have always been drawn towards image and colour. I turned towards art in the last few years inspired greatly by the lovely place I now live and the talented creative people that are around me . It is inspirational. I try to put this vibrancy into my work and make it larger than life, fun and full of colour neon and almost comic bookesque !! 

I am self taught and I go by what I see looks right. 

Describe your work:

My work I like to think is Abstract landscape. I use collage and oil on board.My inspiration is is my local area. Large sky’s and changing seas, the huge white Cliffs From Ramsgate to Folkestone they have seen so much history and are so solid and strong like big white Gods .. I like making my own collage and also bringing vintage Script and items that I love mainly from my friends and family

There is a lot hidden under my cliffs  .. 

Where do you work?
I work from the Top floor of my home which is my studio

What is your inspiration? 
I am inspired by creating something that I love doing, that has an energy that comes from me. To create something that people like to look at and have in their home is something I have always felt proud of.  This inspires me with each work make 

What do you do to relax?
I walk ..I read .. I love meeting up with our friends I love the company of my family and I like Vodka tonic 

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
Always would be something creative always has been ..I can’t think outside of that box .. possibly a teacher 

Do you have a favourite piece of work?

No subject matter may stay the same but I always tend to go back and like the work I have done before ..possibly better than what I do at any given time in the present ..and so it goes around if that makes sense 

What is your favourite colour?

Every colour but I love shades of Blue 

What are you working on today?
I am working on a change of subject .. moving away from the Cliffs as back drops. I want to celibate our lovely coast but from the beach and the sea and the boats and huts that run along our coast. Looking at the fishing heritage of our towns .. but in my style not as a photo image. Of course .. early days 

What is your earliest memory?

Playing outside .. all the time and going where I wanted 
Everything was such an adventure. We were lucky 

What is your most treasured possession?

My wedding ring

What are your best and worst qualities?
I really have no idea .. I would like to be thought of as being easy going and patient and funny .. worst quality - I talk too much !! 

Which artists do you admire?
David Hockney

Grayson Perry 

John Piper 



Tracy Emin 

Andre Derain 

Gabriel Rossetti 


Tell us a joke.

Ha .. jokes don’t make me laugh 

Situations and people do .. so I can’t 

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