"Grannies" by Banksy

"Grannies" by Banksy

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Ltd Editon Print of 500

56.5cm x 76.5cm




in original wrapping and mint condition 

original certificate of authenticity 

Grannies was released as a part of Banksy’s renowned exhibition Barely Legal in Los Angeles, California in 2006 and the work was soon hailed as one of the most humorous on display. The screen print series comes in an edition of 150 signed and 500 unsigned works, and 11 signed hand-finished editions. Grannies is one of six prints belonging to the Barely Legal Print Set, which also includes Morons, Trolleys, Applause, Sale Ends and Festival. Grannies was originally released at Barely Legal as an edition of 100 unsigned prints, printed by Modern Multiples, that sold for $500 a piece.

Grannies depicts two elderly ladies sitting in their armchairs, drinking tea and knitting jumpers against a bright pink background. Banksy gives this stereotypical activity a humorous twist with the slogans on the knitted goods, reading ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ and ‘Thug for Life’, perhaps referring to how the older punk generation was truly rebellious as opposed to the apathetic youth of today. Another interpretation points to the appropriative and ‘white-washing’ practices of today that assimilate counterculture with the capitalist establishment and the mainstream.

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