Have Fun - Do Good

A new way of collecting art…

Buying art is fun right? How about if it was fun - and you did some good at the same time? That'd be great wouldn't it?

Well, now with Taylor-Jones & Son you can.

We're starting up a whole new art strand to collect - HaveFun - DoGood.

Each piece sold in this collection will come with a promise to give 10% of the sale to trying to save the world. Yes, save the world, let's be ambitious here. We want to save the planet from environmental amargeddon. Or at least try...

Obviously saving the world isn't something we can do on our own. We are only an art gallery. However - charity Client Earth is a kick arse environmental law firm that does the hard graft to help our natural world combat the challenges of Climate Change, Plastic Pollution, Deforestation - you name it.

They are there making sure governments and big business do the right thing. They take them to court to enforce international environmental law, something that really makes a difference, in a big way. The law is the way to save Planet Earth - and they are doing it.

And some pretty high profile people agree, the charity's Patrons are international rockstars Coldplay, and music producing legend Brian Eno is on the board of Trustees, along with some seriously impressive names from the world of business and law.

So hopefully, when you have fun buying one of the pieces from this collection, you will know that you are also doing some good.

The artwork we chose will sometimes be thought provoking, sometimes beautiful, sometime fun, sometimes moving. Whatever, always visually striking. Something you’re itching to have on your wall.

Over time we hope that you may like to build your own Have Fun - Do Good collection and create a cohesive body of work that makes a point - and makes a difference. We will be releasing a new pieces regularly via our newsletter so if you haven’t already - please do sign up.

If you have any further questions about the collection - please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do good