The Shelter Paingtings

Ben Fenton- new Shelter paintings 

A Collectable Series

Ben Fenton has created something very special with his unique take one of the UK's most iconic coastal structures, the Deal Beach Art Deco Shelters. 

They have to be one of the most photographed and indeed painted objects on the Kent coast. It's hard to find a magazine article or instagram post from Deal that doesn't contain an image of one of the two spaceship like monuments that are so instantly recognisable. 

Fenton's take on them has instantly hit home with those who know them and even those who don't. Their popularity has given rise to the artist exploring his composition several times in a larger 1m x 1m format. Each piece selling to private collectors before it has got to the gallery walls. 

Fenton has now created a set of 3 smaller pieces to join this now collectable body of work and we are delighted to offer them to you today. These particular works also include hand embellished gold, silver and copper by his partner, jeweller Maxime Allen.

It's not often an artist creates something so widely admired, but Fenton has certainly done it with his Shelters. These smaller works are a chance for even those with very full walls to add a Shelter to them. 


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