Spot The Birdy!

David Hunt features in new TV series

This Wednesday at 9pm sees the 3rd episode of Sky Art's series, "Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir". It features comedian Vic Reeves, who has dropped his stage name in pursuit of his love of working as an artist. In this new show he travels the UK with his wife Nancy following his passion for birds - painting them as he goes. 

During this episode Jim and Nancy visit gallery artist David Hunt at his studio deep in the Kent countryside and has a go at making some etchings - which we understand turned out rather well. It's a really fun and engaging watch, so please do tune in and enjoy. 

We're delighted to see David get some media attention although he says he's dreading appearing on TV. We're sure he'll be fine and, of course, his work will speak for itself. 

'No Pounce Without Prey' 
Limited edition etching

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