Predator Patrol

As the heatwave heads our way, no doubt we’ll see you on the beach. But watch out for what might be in the sea!  Compass jelly fish that have come with the warm weather this week and they can give you a gentle sting. The pain won't last but best avoided!
"Great White" by Dave White, Ltd Edition Print

Luckily that's about as dangerous as it gets here in Deal and the closest you’ll come to something more serious. You certainly won't meet a great white shark, like the one by Dave White that’s on its way to the gallery.

Dave White rose to fame when he pioneered the ‘Sneaker Art’ movement. He painted Pop Art-style oil portraits of the world’s best trainers and even had his own signature Nike Air Jordan release – a swoosh-free version emblazoned with stars and paint splashes.

Dave White - With one of his original works
Over the last decade, White has turned his signature expressive style to creating oil portraits and prints of endangered species. He is now one of the world's foremost contemporary wildlife artists and has exhibited internationally with exhibitions in Shanghai, New York and L.A. to name but a few. 
With his unique use of brush strokes, splashes and drips of pigment, White infuses each portrait with a unique sense of movement, capturing the splendour of his subjects and creating powerful pieces for an ecologically-conscious age.
"T-Rex' by Dave White, Ltd Edition Print
The Great White Shark and T-Rex may remind us of mortality and extinction, but they also really appeal to the inner child in all of us – the thrill of being terrified whilst perfectly safe and having fun.

We're excited to have these two limited edition prints to offer you this month. We have one of each and they are on their way to the framers but you can reserve them today. Get in touch with us to make them yours.

We will have more of the artist's work coming - if you'd like to see a selection drop us a line. 

And - enjoy your swim!

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