Our latest releases for February

Open Edition Sirens

Rachael Talibart is undoubtedly one of the most well known artists in the gallery. She's an internationally recognised fine art photographer with followers all over the world and galleries in the USA and Europe who look after her, along with us here in the UK. Whilst some of her large format prints command 5 figure sums, we are now delighted to be able to offer 4 of her Sirens series as open edition A3 prints for just £225. Each comes with its own authenticity certificate signed by Talibart. A great way to own one her now world famous collection.


Dymchurch Grand Redoubt painting by Ben Fenton

Ben Fenton's Best Work Yet?

We think this latest piece from Fenton may be his best work yet. The Dymchurch Grand Redoubt is one of the artist's favourite muses and a theme he regularly re-visits. This view is based on old photographs with the slip way still intact. Today if you visit you will see it covered in sea defence boulders. Everything from the composition to the colour palette is simply faultless. He has just finished the painting and it will be with us in the next few weeks for framing. If you have been thinking about purchasing a large scale Fenton you should seriously consider snapping this piece up now. 

Nicholas Wood Goodwin Sands Collage


Nicholas Wood Collage Art

Inspired by our recent Goodwin Sands show artists Nicholas Wood has created this new piece based around the history of The South Goodwin Light Ship. Wood works entitrely in tissue paper creating incredibly detailed collages. He lives in France and has won many awards for his work. However he grew up in Kingsdown and has a real passion for this landscape and history of the Kent Coast. To see details of the work and learn about the fascinating story behind this piece, click on the link: 
Nicholas Wood - South Goodwin



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