New For February

February New Releases

'Storm Perez', Christine Hodson, Mixed media on card, 88 x 109cm framed.

Our much deserved break is over and we're back open again. We're singing up a storm of new work, starting with the latest piece by Christine Hodson. Who knew stormy weather could be such a riot of glorious pinks! Christine's vigorous brush strokes certainly capture the energy and bluster of the sea at this time of year.

- - - - - 

'Evensong I', Richard Whadcock, Oil on prepared paper, 61 x 51cm framed.

Richard Whadcock's work is a contemplative reflection on the landscape. His new paintings on paper have the same ephemeral  quality of this larger canvases. Here, rich russets glow against the blue of a warm sky and gossamer clouds.

- - - - -

'I Don't Know How To get There (Southbank Centre, London)', Ben Fenton, Oil on canvas 70 x 100cm

In contrast, Ben Fenton's paintings of Brutalist architecture are crisp. He is a master of composition and atmospheric perspective. The cheerful foreground of yellow staircase is a perfect foil to the blocks of blue-grey concrete that fade into the distance.

- - - - -

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