In Focus - Christine Hodson


Christine Hodson is one of Taylor-Jones & Son's most popular artists.

Hodson grew up in the North of England where she studied Fine Art at Newcastle University.  As soon as we spotted her work, we were blown away by their originality and verve. We quickly went on to give her a solo show which sold out in days, and we knew we had found a new star.

Her inspiration is the area surrounding her home, particularly the White Cliffs that flank the dramatic shoreline of Kent, and its constantly changing light and mood. Her work is expressive and emotive, never shy of colour or a bold statement.

She works in mixed media, predominantly using printed collage layers with paint and pastel. She takes elements of street art and punk ethics to create striking, vibrant vistas which turn traditional landscape painting on its head.

'The White House (St Margaret's Bay)', oil and paper on card, image 58 x 73cm

The White Cliffs have been her signature work for the last 5 years. But, Hodson's background is in interior design and vintage furniture, so it is no surprise that she has turned her eye to interior scenes. Her new paintings merge iconic interiors with a peek through the window giving glimpses of the local landscape.

She brings her usual flair and personal touch to the paintings by way of unique perspectives and uses artistic licence by adding her cats and pot plants. 

'I am totally inspired by David Hockney who is my favourite artist. I love his bold colours and the way makes the simplest room or view so inviting in such a creative way.'

'A Place to Dine (Deal Pier Kitchen)', mixed media on card, 59 x 84cm


She has painted the inside of some of Deal's most well known and loved establishments, from Walmer Castle to Deal Beach Parlour. We think Hodson has found her next hit body of work and we will be launching these pieces in a few weeks time, so watch this space for more details.

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