In Focus: Adam Binder

Adam Binder

Adam Binder is one of our gallery stable artists. A leading wildlife sculptor, Adam Binder has a signature fluid style of simple lines and flowing forms, depicting both movement and an emotion that beautifully captures the essence of his subjects. Working primarily in bronze with rich earthy patinas, Adam’s work is recognised and collected all over the world.

“Nature is a wonder and a joy to observe and it’s through my sculpture that I endeavour to connect further with wildlife and capture the character of my subject. While I’m sculpting I feel that I’m engaging with the spirit of the animal, sensing its subtle movement and suggestion of body language.

For me, nature and sculpture are the perfect marriage. I see repetition in form, line, mass and detail throughout the natural world, sculpted over time but in perfect harmony. Nature is my passion and my constant distraction”.

Binder won the prestigious David Shepherd Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year Award not once but twice, in 2010 & 2011.The judges were drawn to the tactility of his work, and we agree, encouraging visitors to the gallery to touch and pick up his pieces, especially Hedgehog and Tortoise, which are cute too, to boot.

His sculptures are made by the lost-wax bronze casting process. Binder carves his animals out of wax. A ceramic shell is then made to surround the wax carving. Then, the wax is melted and disposed of, leaving the mould empty, ready to be filled with bronze.

Here is a fascinating time lapse video of Binder carving one of his sculptures:
Time lapse video: Adam Binder carving
You can see more of Adam Binder's work on our website. We're particularly fond of his Grey Seal. Not only is the patination particularly captivating - it reminds us of light casting shadows in the water - but because it was made specially for us. It was inspired by the seals that swim off the beach here in Deal.
See more of Adam Binder's sculptures

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