Brand new for spring...

The clocks have sprung forward and it feels like time for a something new, so we'd love to share some of our latest arrivals with you. We can't deny, we're so excited by this painting, Chalk Vein by Richard Whadcock, that as soon as he dropped it off, we gave it pride of place in the window. All Whadcock's work is stunning, but we think you'll agree, this one really is special. It's dark, mysterious and moody, with a hint of light to come...a good reflection of our very unseasonable spring weather.

Richard Whadcock - 'Chalk Vein', oil on canvas 104 x 104cm

The inexorable march of paperback art continues with these hand painted vintage books by the Connor Brothers. We're all in need of an expletive every now and then and quite frankly, tipsy is always better than drunk! We're delighted to have got our hands on these two, they are super rare and really hard to get hold of and we know they won't last long in the gallery so click on the link below if you'd like to secure one. We also have other pieces by The Connor Brothers available so do take a peep.

Not Drunk Just Tipsy and Fuck It, The Connor Brothers.
Hand painted vintage paperbacks with silk screen. 27 x 205cm

It's been a while since we've had any mid-sized Buoys from Richard Taylor-Jones and now we can offer you a choice of three (that's is a cue for a bus joke if ever I heard one, but even I won't stoop that low!). This series of beautiful single edition photographs of a marker buoy just of Deal beach will be familiar to those of you that have visited the gallery. The images have really resonated with our clients and a little piece of Deal is now gracing walls across the world as far afield as New

York and New Zealand.

Buoy no 406, Richard Taylor-Jones. Single edition photograph. 100 x 78cm

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