Brand New for August

We'd like to introduce you to Antionio López Reche .

Oi! Bronze, 30 x 15 x 10cm, Antonio Lopez Reche

With mythology as his inspiration, Antonio López Reche creates figurative works in bronze. We think you'll agree, his work shows strength and movement and captures the rawness of the material he works with. He studied fine art at Barcelona University and St Martin's School of Art before honing his skills working in a foundry in London. This Minotaur is the first of his pieces to arrive in the gallery, but we're expecting more any day now.


Anam Cara II, 48 x 17 x 17cm, Jason Mulligan

 t's always a pleasure to have a visit from Jason Mulligan, who popped in this week to drop off this gorgeous piece made of Portuguese Rosa Aurora marble. Called Anam Cara, it's inspired by an ancient Irish belief that two souls experience a unique and deeply personal connection and are stronger together than apart. Adam is the Gaelic word for soul and cara means friend.


Deal Buoys, 106 x 80cm, Richard Taylor-Jones

Richard Taylor-Jones' series of single edition photographs of a marker buoy floating just off the coast of Deal are a perennial favourite in the gallery. These three are his latest images to arrive. Although each photograph is taken from the same place and is not manipulated in any way, every one is so very different and unique. The Buoy series shows just how changeable our stretch of the Kent coast is and everyone who buys one has their very own moment in time gracing their wall.


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