Memento Papilio - Adonis Blue Kaleidescope

Memento Papilio - Adonis Blue Kaleidescope

By Vendor
Hand-tinted print
Loren Beven

Archival pigment ink print with hand applied glitter

Image 60 x 40cm // framed 53 x78cm 

Signed variable edition of 12 

Loren Beven reworks iconic images connected to place. Known for her Ghost Ship and Ice Cream prints that capture the spirit and language of classic seaside towns, her bold prints evoke a mix of romance and nostalgia. They linger in our memory and become a narrative for the British coast. These new, rare buttefly prints follow a similar path but for the countryside. The combination of ephemeral beauty and risk of extinction has the potential to etch them into our own wistful internal story of the countryside, from which we cannot escape.

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