An Exhibition by Richard Friend with Brian Addison and Patricia Volk

Richard Friend is launching his first major exhibition in two years and we're delighted to say its with us at Taylor-Jones & Son. In that time Richard's work has gone from strength to strength with a huge surge in demand for his work. Key to this success has been the arrival of his dreamlike, mystical and magical forest paintings, often created on a vast scale. Exploring times spent with his father walking through the lanes and paths of the Kentish countryside, he recalls tales about what may have lived in the forests and woods beyond. These pieces engluf the senses with a riot of colour and form that shouldn't work, but someone out of chaos, shape and form defy the immediate and take you to another enchanted, fairytale world where the imagination can get lost in a place of wonder. 

Joining Richard will be Brian Addison. Brian has a fascinating story. Once a very successful working artist based in the North East of England, he left the art world, unsure it still had meaning for him after the exhausting and constant demand for his work. He re-trained and found solace as a landscape gardener. Ten years later he feels ready to return in earnest to his first love and we're delighted to be part of that journey. His pastel and graphite life studies of the female form take us to long hot summer nights, lost in the realm between fantasy and reality, of longing and perhaps loss. There is something deeply moving about Brian's work that is hard to identify, yet incredibly satisfying.

Completing the trio is the wonderful Patricia Volk, fresh from the success of being asked to create an ident for ITV. We rarely offer sculpture in the gallery but we are truly pleased to be able to show her incredible ceramic work. Widely regarded as one of the finest ceramic artist working in the world today, Patricia's has exhibited across the UK and and abroad and it's a real scoop to have her work showing in this exhibition. 

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MOON ONE by Richard Taylor-Jones

Launch Date April 19th 2019

7 images exploring the balance and composition of life through the singularity of the moon set into the sea and sky. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated exhibitions of the last 12 months. An exploration of one fundamnetal element of human existance and the human sense centering self. Moon One is a set of limited edition photographs shot over the English Channel in late 2018 and the start of the artists new exploration of the moon.

The Exhibition Launches April 19th 6pm in the gallery which is Good Friday and the date of the full moon this month. We would love to see you there and you’ll get the chance to talk to Richard about his work. Send us an email if you would like to attend. RSVP