Sometimes I Cry in the Car

Taylor-Jones & Son are proud to host an exhibition of new work from three artists, David Hunt, Lena Pomford and Russell Loughlan.  Running from Saturday 20 October until Friday 17 November, ‘Sometimes I Cry in the Car’, reflects our increasing lack of contact with nature and loss of the wild through painting, drawing and illustration.


Our current interest in anthropomorphism may well come from the growing chasm between humans and nature. With increasingly busy, urban lives, we are replacing the genuine face to face experience we would once have had with wildlife with a humanised form that we can all still relate to however great our lack of exposure to the real thing is.


Lena Pomford’s oil paintings explore human identity using animal masks that hide our true feelings.  The human figures in her work, often experiencing inner turmoil, have animal heads erasing their humanity and making their emotions.


David Hunt’s series of gilded pencil drawings of big game species, examines the notion that some people only see animals as trophy to hunt down and kill.  Each drawing has a gilded halo centred on the animal’s heart, the exact place a hunter would aim his kill shot. The works are a celebration of the value of these animals lives as art not blood sport.


Illustrator, Russell Loughlan, takes pop lyrics as a starting point and illustrates them with animals who express the deeply felt emotion of the song lines. His work often takes postcard form highlighting the human desire to communicate, whether through song, dialogue or the written word.