This is Delilah. She is the work experience girl at Taylor-Jones & Son and also probably the most famous dog in Deal. In her two and half years at the shop she hasn't learnt much about stacking shelves, taking orders or hanging art but is brilliant at customer service, putting more smiles on faces than any human ever could. And she keeps small children enthralled with her "I'm a giant cuddly toy act".  She does have a habit of barking quite loudly if she doesn't get enough attention, but other than that she's one of the most important members of staff in the shop. She's there most days and would love to see you, especially if you become one of her regular treat givers, of which she now has many. These treats do mean she needs to watch her weight and get out on more of those bracing walks up on the seafront, where she is pictured above. It's a dogs life at Taylor-Jones & Son for Delilah, and it's a good one. Keep an eye on her performance on our twitter @TJandSon and instagram @taylorjonesandson