Loren's gone shopping....

Today I’m putting my money where my mouth is and stocking up on presents and stocking fillers from the shop. For my almost teenage daughter I’ve my eye on a pink pom pom keyring. I bought her one last year and she likes it so much she wants another to add to the first that she uses to adorn her black patent leather school bag.


For my husband I’m getting dark grey etched glass hyacinth vase, except I’ll use it to try and grow and avocado pip into a tree. I’ll put it on the window cill by the kitchen sink and enjoy watch it stylishly sprout whilst I scrub pots. He’s also getting a bauble. We already have loads but it’s become a tradition to get just one more super lovely one each year.


A white urchin bud vase will do nicely for my sister in her new ultra cool minimalist seaside house. It’s a perfect accent for small spaces like a hall table or downstairs loo when there are guests. Half a dozen etched green glass champagne flutes will do for my brother-in-law. They look great any time but are particularly festive I think and will hopefully guarantee an invitation to enjoy them next Christmas when it'll be their turn to host us in the said new ultra cool minimalist seaside house.


That leaves my mother, it’s a toss up between a True Grace amber candle or sheepskin gloves.


Job done!



Light up your Life.....

Twice a week the lovely Loren works in the shop. She's one of our artists and likes to write a bit too, so she's going to be posting blogs every week about how her days going and some of the lovely things in shop. You never know, she might even write something about you too if you call in! Today she's rather taken with our new Christmas window...

"It's a bright frosty day and I'm wrapped up even though the sun's shining.  The door is open, welcoming everyone in. Apart from my nose feeling crisp, I like being connected to the world, the sights and sounds are all the more vivid and I get to say hello to people as they nose in the window.

The window display was changed yesterday. Now there's an abundant forest of hand dipped Ester and Erik cone candles in an array of gorgeous colours. I'd like to find a space to recreate the whole installation  at home for Christmas, it feels perfectly contemporary and traditional at the same time. They’re the epitome of classic minimalist Danish design, perfectly proportioned, reeking of handcrafted tradition, they give a steady flame and are non-drip, keeping the flawless line.


It’s just as well they’re even more lovely when lit, as they’re objet d’art in their own right. Lit candles are one of the things that make the dark months worth while and are such an easy way to create an atmosphere or create a focal point. I think I want tall red ones for the Christmas dinner table, short aquamarine ones to accompany a bubble bath and orange ones as a stocking filler for my fave rellie."