Who we are. What we stand for.

Taylor-Jones & Son was created by Sonja and Richard Taylor-Jones when they moved, with their son Finbar, to the seaside town of Deal in Kent, England. That's Sonja and Finbar above, Richard was taking the photo.  

Richard is a BBC wildlife film maker and photographer and Sonja was a PR professional, but they had long dreamed of owning their own gallery. Sometimes things are just meant to be and it wasn't long before they began to meet some genuinely talented artists like Ned Kelly, Richard Friend and Dave Hunt, all looking for an outlet local to where they lived. So, they decided to turn their dream into a reality.

Full of optimism, and a little trepidation it has to be said, they took on a small shop in the High Street filled it with art, special gifts and curiosities and opened the doors for the first time in June 2013. They haven't looked back. The artists work flew out and Sonja's eye for unusual, quality gifts and homewares proved a smash hit. Since then they've moved to a bigger shop (it's still tiny) and increased the depth and breadth of treats on offer.

A few more artists have been added to the merry band and, unlike other galleries, Taylor-Jones & Son keep them as residents, trying to give them a steady outlet for their work. It's a bit like having a record label with bands, but it's a gallery with creatives that help define the TJ&Son brand.

When it comes to gifts much of our stock is handmade and we use crafts people from Cumrbria to Wales to supply us. Handmade leather handbags and hand knitted scarfs and hats all have a place in our shop, along with bigger more established brands. 

So, Taylor-Jones & Son is about a family and friends trying to find a more simple creative life, a life that revolves around the home and family, art and craft, detail and love of the natural world. When you shop with us that's what you're supporting. We hope you take our sense of fun and freedom with you knowing your helping artists far and wide to make things that brighten up your lives.